Status Badges Build Status

It is common for open source projects to show the status of latest master Build on the home page on GitHub or Bitbucket. To achieve this with Testributor, you can add a badge on your file.


[![Build Status](][testributor]

replacing the 52-jekyll with the ID of your project (you can find the correct ID by visiting your project on Testributor and looking at the url). You can also replace master on the url with another tracked branch if you want. If the branch is not found, the badge will show a status “Unknown”.

If you try to show a badge on a private Testributor project, it will not work since the status information is not public and the badge url will redirect to sign in page. Even if you are logged in it might not work because third party services (like GitHub) do not serve the images directly but they use a proxy for security reasons (See here why).